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花花公子女模街头乞讨 年轻时表演视频

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本文摘要:年轻时演出视频据英国《镜报》5月2日报导,60岁的前《花花公子》杂志模特儿,柔术艺术家克里斯塔麦肯纳(Christa McKenna)近日经常出现在美国街头卖艺行乞,画面令人难过。麦肯娜在1970年代曾是美国知名杂志《花花公子》的模特儿,以蜘蛛女的名字被大家熟悉。麦肯纳一旁在街头演出柔软法术,一旁恳求路人资助。 麦肯纳每天能在街头赚7美元。麦肯纳一旁在街头演出柔软法术,一旁恳求路人资助。麦肯纳一旁在街头演出柔软法术,一旁恳求路人资助。


年轻时演出视频据英国《镜报》5月2日报导,60岁的前《花花公子》杂志模特儿,柔术艺术家克里斯塔麦肯纳(Christa McKenna)近日经常出现在美国街头卖艺行乞,画面令人难过。麦肯娜在1970年代曾是美国知名杂志《花花公子》的模特儿,以蜘蛛女的名字被大家熟悉。麦肯纳一旁在街头演出柔软法术,一旁恳求路人资助。



麦肯纳年轻时的照片原文:These heartbreaking pictures show a 60-year-old former Playboy model who has resorted to showing off her bendy body in a desperate attempt to raise cash.Once dubbed the Spider Lady during a spell of 1970s stardom, contortionist Christa McKenna now uses her skills to earn a living on the streets of Grand Rapids, Michigan.In an unfortunate fall from grace, the contortionist begs for change on the corner of Wealthy St. using the flexible limbs that once made her a star.Christa was well known for her appearance on The Gong Show in 1979, where she wowed audience by tying her body in knots but she also appeared in Playboy magazine.Since then, the aged entertainer has fallen on tough times - having gone from gracing the pages of Playboy to begging on the streets of Michigan.Holding a sign saying 60 years old: need a job, God and you - please help me, Christa - who suffers from scoliosis and stenosis - says she is lucky to get $7 a day.Speaking to MLive, she said: I just dont know how I got to be this way.The video below shows Christa dazzling crowds by bending her body into impossible shapes at the height of her fame.。